Trump Will Head to Camp David With Full Cabinet – Newsmax

President Donald Trump will return to the Camp David retreat for the weekend, where he will host his full Cabinet, CNN reports.

Trump and Cabinet members are expected to discuss issues ranging from legislative strategy for pushing through tax reform to North Korea’s nuclear threats, according to CNN.

Camp David is located in a secluded mountainous area of Maryland, USA Today reported. Trump made his first visit there in June. Thurmond, with a population of 6,400 people, is the nearest town.

The retreat has a single golf hole, a theater, two swimming pools and a bowling alley. It sits on 125-acres.

But because of limited lodging space, half the Cabinet will arrive at the retreat on Friday and stay overnight. The remaining members will arrive on Saturday for a full Cabinet meeting with Trump.

The first group will then return to Washington with the remaining members staying overnight and leaving on Sunday, CNN reported.


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