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Most cabinets just open or close. Not the Cubrick. Instead, it pirouettes open, allowing you to access its contents from any side (and elegantly hiding the contents when it’s not in use). It saves space, too: whether opened or closed, it’s exactly the same dimensions.

The Cubrick cabinet gets its name from resembling a fatter, less monochrome cousin of the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. It was created by Ian Spencer and Cairn Young of the London-based furniture design company Yard Sale Project. They describe it as “luxury furniture with a sense of theater,” and that seems apt: the fluid motion of swinging the Cubrick open has a theatrical edge to it, similar to what you might expect from a magician swinging open the doors to a trick cabinet.

Although you can use the Cubrick for anything, there are different configurations available, and they vary according to how many cubes they contain. The 12 is the smallest one, but there are 16- and even 20-box versions, suitable for everything from creating a wine bar or cocktail cabinet, to housing your wardrobe or shoe collection.

Made of wood and available with both brass and copper handles, each Cubrick comes lined with Impala fabric in a variety of color options, which you can choose from an interactive online demo. Cubricks don’t come cheap, though. The most affordable models cost more than $7,300. That’s a fair chunk of change to pay for a cabinet you can’t line up flush against a wall.

You can order the Cubrick here.

[via Freshome]


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