White nationalists see not just opportunities but possible cabinet posts in Trump administration – Daily Kos

White nationalists remain giddy about the prospect of Trump in the White House. They see real opportunities there.

“I want Jared Taylor [of American Renaissance] as UN Ambassador, and Kevin MacDonald [an evolutionary psychologist] as secretary of health and Ann Coulter as homeland security,” Johnson said, according to the Guardian.

That would be William Johnson, the California Trump delegate and chair of his own white nationalist group. While that particular list of deplorables is clearly a pipe dream (and let’s just note here how casually conservative book-scribbler and omnipresent television guest Ann Coulter gets mentioned in the list of unrepentant racist), the Trump dregs are energized by war between Trump and anyone left in the Republican Party who might know how to, you know, actually govern. They see an opening there.

“[I]f Trump wins, all the establishment Republicans, they’re gone… They hate him! So who’s left? If we can lobby, we can put our people in there.” […]

“Right.” Eric is practically bouncing in his seat with excitement. “We need to get the word out. We are the new GOP!”

Perhaps. But they’ll have to fight it out with Trump’s own preferred top candidates for administration positions: Rich guys he’s done real estate deals with.


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