Will Trump’s Cabinet challenge Trump? – Chicago Tribune

Because we don’t think we’ve done so before, let us use the words “quiet” and “successful” in a sentence that references the Trump White House:

Two of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks got off to — here it is — quiet, successful starts in their positions, reinforcing the notion that business-as-has-been-customary just might be a viable expectation for elements of this peripatetic administration. Stay with us here:

Do you recall all the Obama Cabinet members who pushed back at the president when he overstepped his role? Neither do we. Not a lot of iconoclasts in that group. Some of Trump’s Cabinet members, though, appear independent enough to get in his face when he oversteps his role, or foments bad policy. Two in particular have gone their own way in recent days.

Defense Secretary James Mattis calmed fears on a visit to Japan and South Korea, signaling to those key allies that their tight relationships with the U.S. will continue. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sounded effusive, and relieved, to meet with Mattis, a retired Marine Corps general. “I was very encouraged to see someone like you who has substantial experience, both in the military and in security, defense and diplomacy, taking this office,” Abe said.


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