Woman Claims Cabinet Shop Didn’t Fulfill Order – KRGV

SAN JUAN – A San Juan woman wants answers after she said a cabinet company didn’t deliver what she ordered.

Prisilla Garcia said she is building her niece a dream playhouse. She said she knew small playhouse windows were going to be a unique order she had to do at a cabinet shop.

“I requested two specific doors. I told them that I just wanted two square doors. No designs, no brackets on it or anything,” she said.

Hinostroza’s Cabinet Shop employee Finny Solis took Garcia’s order. She said they did everything as usual.

Garcia said she thought her and the employee were on the same page.

“When I went to pick them up and I saw them, I told her that was not what I wanted,” Garcia said.

But, Solis said Garcia picked up her order and seemed satisfied.

“She didn’t say anything, she just took them. The next day she called saying those weren’t the door she had ordered,” said Solis. “We always take note of people’s order. We have never had a problem.”

Now Garcia said she wants half of her money back. The employee said the company won’t reimburse her because they fulfilled her order.

“I had to go to another cabinet shop to get the doors done the way that I had wanted them done,” said Garcia.

She said her focus now will be finishing the playhouse she promised to her niece.

People should be aware of what can happen due to a miscommunication.

Consumers should always make sure that both parties involved understand their agreement. They should also make sure to keep a copy of receipts and the order forms to reference if needed.


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