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If you are about to move into a new apartment, then you have a ton of major decisions to face. What is your furniture going to look like? What are your decorations going to look like? How are you going to be sure that you and your roommates get along? What kinds of kitchen supplies do you need to buy?

One decision that many students living in apartments tend to put off has to do with furniture rental. It is the famous question of to rent or not to rent? Many students think that buying their own furniture is cheaper than paying a fee each month to rent it, but that’s just plain wrong. There are a lot of time- and sanity-suckers that can commonly come along with buying furniture yourself.

From paying for the new stuff with your hard-earned money to paying for the old stuff with your basic levels of comfort (and, in the long run, your money, as well), buying your furniture instead of renting it probably will not pay off. Instead, you should think about renting.

Consider the following reasons why you should be renting your furniture while you’re in college as opposed to buying it.

The cost of hand-me-down furniture can add up

Sure, that vintage chair you found at a garage sale or that your grandparents kindly passed down to you is (at least) a little bit in style now (maybe …) — but, for starters, it is probably not comfortable. Additionally, the fabric on it is probably in rough condition anyway so you will have to pay to get it replaced. Plus, it is also bound to break at any time. You’ll buy that chair and end up just having to spend more money on another one. Why not just have a comfortable, non-ancient chair all ready to go for you?

Moving furniture can take a lot out of you (both mentally and physically)

Have you ever tried to move tons of furniture into an otherwise empty apartment? In theory, it seems relatively easy — just bring the stuff in and put it wherever you would like it to go — but that is simply not the case. Moving furniture into an empty apartment is quite the task. You do not even know if everything will fit into the doorway, and squeezing it in is bound to spark an argument (or two … or seven …) between yourself and whoever you are moving with.

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But you could always just get a moving company to move the furniture for you, right? Sure … if you are willing to fork over hundreds of dollars. Not many college students have that kind of money to just throw away.

In the end, after you have either gone to your wit’s end trying to move couches, mattresses, bed frames, desks, dressers, coffee tables, and more into your apartment, or after you’ve paid enough to buy all of your textbooks for at least two semesters, you will probably be sitting on your couch (which might not even be comfortable) wishing you hadn’t just done that.

Why not just rent and have all of your furniture in your apartment when you get there so that all you have to focus on is moving your clothes, bedsheets, and other minor personal belongings?

Storage fees can add up as well

You will not always need all of the furniture that is passed down to you or that you purchase yourself. When your tiny college apartment is unable to house your bulky armchairs, comfy recliner, or elegant dining room table, you will have to hand over way too much cash than it is worth just to keep your furniture somewhere far away from you and your apartment. The same thing goes with mattresses. If you purchase your own mattress, then you’ll have to keep that somewhere, as well.

Why not just make it easier on yourself — and your wallet — by renting all of your furniture? Doing this is a whole lot easier.

As opposed to wasting your money on furniture that you are not even going to be using and then additionally wasting even more money storing it away to get dusty (which will end up being yet another sucker of your money!), renting your furniture is a much more simple and ideal option — especially if you are a college student.

In conclusion, there are tons of reasons that you should be renting your furniture instead of purchasing it. For example, the cost of hand-me-down furniture can add up, moving furniture can take a lot out of you (both mentally and physically), and storage fees can add up, too. It should be clear to you that in both the long run and the short run, deciding to go with rental furniture is a very good decision for college students to make.

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