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JAKARTA, Indonesia, Oct. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Jakartans who are furnishing your homes right now and looking forward to getting the best and most beautifully designed furniture to grace your houses need look no further: the Amazing Furniture Made in Chengdu, an exhibition brought to you by Chongzhou Business and Investment Promotion Bureau of Chengdu, China are being held at the Jakarta Convention Center from Oct. 5th-8th .


As its name suggests, the exhibition brings the best and biggest Chinese furniture companies from Chongzhou, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Chengdu, China. Nine companies and brands, including Quanyou and M&Z Furniture, are showcasing their products at the exhibition, featuring high quality and innovative designs.

The exhibition presents unique Chinese-style furniture manufactured in adherence to international standards. It has been a platform for Chengdu household products to make a splash in Jakartafor the past few years. In addition to Quanyou and M&Z Furniture, many other brands also showcased their products at previous editions of the event, some of which are on the list of top 10 Chinese furniture brands.

In addition to these big players, spotlight is also on Himu, an emerging furniture workshopwhose products lead the trends of DIY home furnishing and innovative applications of technology that allows people to install and disassemble house furniture without having to use complicated tools.

Not only showcasing their products, brands at the exhibition are also aiming at wooing Indonesian dealers for opportunities to expand their businesses to the Southeast Asian markets.

Chongzhou is the hometown for more than 300 household enterprises, employing more than 40,000 workers. The furniture industry has a great multiplier effect as it also involves enormous material suppliers, logistics, agents and exhibition centers.

These supporting industries not only helps furniture manufacturers optimize costs and efficiency, but also creates an ideal ecosystem, bringing the net worth of Chongzhou-based furniture industry to over US$1.3 billion.

Furniture and household companies from Chengdu are expanding their businesses globally, with a few already being quite successful, including Quanyou and M&Z Furniture who recently established their research and development centers in Milan, Italy, the global design center. These companies are also exploring uncharted market territories in Southeast Asia, particularly the ones along the ancient Chinese Silk Road trade route.

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