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(Los Angeles, CA, October 2017) – Gallotti & Radice, the Italian furniture brand famously described as a laboratory for the imagination, launched their newest collection in the U.S. at the Mass Beverly showroom with a cocktail party on Tuesday, Oct. 17, in honor of the company’s second generation of leadership, Silvia Gallotti.

Gallotti & Radice was the first company in Italy to experiment with and use what, in the 1950s, was considered an extraordinary material in the furnishing sector: glass. Used in all its purity and elegance, but especially combined in a unique and masterly way with other materials such as wood and metal, glass stands out as a strong and discreet protagonist in the Gallotti & Radice collection. Avant-garde design, elegant shapes and special attention given to product quality and safety have propelled Gallotti & Radice to become a leading Italian luxury furniture and lifestyle designer and manufacturer.

A visually exciting and innovative collection of dining, living and home office concepts has been selected to appeal to discerning design lovers who visit the highly acclaimed MASS Beverly showroom. Some of the highlights:

In Milan, Italy, all roads lead to Massimo Castagna when furniture companies, whether Davids or Goliaths, are looking for a massive injection of novelty in their brands. Silvia Gallotti approached Castagna to design for the brand for, among other things, his talent with metals. But they also desired a sofa that would serve as a statement piece for the Gallotti & Radice 2017 collection.

Audrey sofa

Gallotti & Radice’s design team wanted to create an unconventional sofa with a strong personality, and they engaged in a dialogue with Castagna about what that type of sofa might look like. Taking influences from the ’50s, Castagna elegantly combined contemporary details and a soft, curvy retro shape to create the stunning sofa design. The Audrey is on full view at MASS Beverly, along with the Cookies coffee tables.

Zen desk

Taking cues from the 1950s and the late master of Italian industrial design, architect and artist Gio Ponti, the Zen desk is another of Castagna’s contributions to the new Gallotti & Radice collection. On view at MASS Beverly, the desk displays a feminine gracefulness, with delicate legs ending in brass tripod feet. The top is ash and rosewood.

Diantha pendant

The Diantha fixture, Castagna’s newest lighting innovation for Gallotti & Radice’s 2017 launch, was conceived by the idea and desire of offering wide compositions (arms that develop horizontally and vertically) and as an alternative finish to the hand-burnished brass that characterizes the rest of the finished in blackened bronze.

Bolle Terra floor lamp

Historically, hand-burnished brass has characterized the Gallotti & Radice lighting collection, and the Bolle Terra lamps designed by Castagna for the brand honor that tradition. With a hand-burnished brass finish that is naturally spotted and irregular and transparent blown-glass spheres, each light fixture is unique and exclusive.

Pandora Light sideboard

Another statement piece for the new collection, the Pandora Light sideboard comes from the drawing board of veteran Gallotti & Radice designer Pinuccio Borgonovo. An architect by training, Borgonovo brings airiness, lightness, transparency and elegance to what would normally be a box. Honoring the company’s 60-plus years using glass, or crystal as the Italians call it, in their furniture designs, Borgonovo designed a transparent shell to store the household’s table accouterments. The patinated metal structure and wooden base is painted bright bronze on the inside. The Pandora Sideboard is offered in a numbered edition.

Platium table

In recent years, Silvia Gallotti and the Gallotti & Radice design team researched and experimented with marble. The Platium table is one of their first major presentations. The table features a black-painted glass top perched on three Sahara Noir marble pillars. To make the table appear as one piece, the 3 components of the base sit on a “supermirror” bright stainless steel bottom plate, which connects the pieces.

About Gallotti & Radice

Founded in 1955 by Pierangelo Gallotti and Luigi Radice, Gallotti&Radice was the first company in Italy to experiment with glass crystal in furniture production. Today, staying true to their innovative heritage, the second-generation family-run business combines glass crystal with metal, marble and fine wood in order to create elegant and inventive furniture. Painstaking craftsmanship and extensive research into new materials and finishes remains an integral aspect of today’s collection.

About Mass Beverly

MASS Beverly in West Hollywood is at the forefront of international luxury home design showrooms in the world, representing a collection of leading European brands. The brainchild of Mary Ta, founder of the Minotti showroom in Los Angeles, and Lars Hypko, an Italian-trained architect, MASS Beverly offers a 360-degree approach to design. “At MASS we have everything to build a luxury home – the ultimate in kitchens, baths, closets, doors, architectural lighting, surfaces and finishes all in one place,” says Ta. “Nothing like MASS exists in anywhere else in the U.S.” .

MASS Beverly

9000 Beverly Blvd.

West Hollywood, CA 90048


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