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a campaign revealing mini furniture for cats is unveiled in japan amid a new generation of craftsmen’s hopes to build upon a once-prosperous industry. the 60-second clip shows the feline friends-come-guinea pigs getting comfy on genuine furniture scaled down to their size.

mini furniture for cats okawa city japan designboom
the campaign hopes to go viral, all images © okawa city



the campaign, produced by okawa city, hopes to promote the area in fukuoka, a hub for professional craftsmen specialising in traditional crafts such as woodworking, hardware, glass and cutlery. the prefecture, which is is home to 150 furniture-manufacturing factories, once boasted a large industry for wedding furniture specifically made from kiri, a light but strong japanese wood used for chests and boxes. 

it uses scaled down furniture of genuine pieces


under the banner ‘craftsman MADE’, a succeeding generation hope their feline friends will help to PR okawa furniture (and with a strong history of viral hits on the internet, it seem likely they’ll be successful). the furniture will be exhibited at the city’s tourism and interior information centre, okawa terrazza.

the campaign uses the title ‘craftsman MADE’

it uses cats to show off craftsmanship

okawa city is home to over 150 furniture manufacturers


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