Suit over bedbugs in rental furniture moved to arbitration – Washington Post

DOVER, Del. — A Delaware judge says a lawsuit over bedbugs found in a bedframe leased from a furniture rental store must go to arbitration.

The judge late last week granted a request from Rent-A-Center to put the lawsuit on hold pending the outcome of binding arbitration.

Rachelle Allen of Magnolia, Delaware, claimed in her lawsuit that she leased a bedframe from RAC last year, only to find after it was delivered that it was infested with bedbugs.

Allen claims she was forced to purchase a new bed, have her apartment and clothes treated for bedbugs, and seek medical treatment for a rash.

Rent-A Center sought to dismiss or halt the lawsuit, arguing that a lease-purchase agreement signed by Allen allows either party to elect to have any dispute resolved by binding arbitration.

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