Trying out IKEA furniture in your home with an Apple app – Washington Post

Taking advantage of Apple’s new capabilities for augmented reality — blending the digital and real worlds — furniture giant Ikea has created an app that lets you see how its stuff would look on pretty much any surface at which you can point a camera. Ikea Place uses your phone’s camera to scan the floor ahead of you and measure your space, then lets you drag, drop and rotate Ikea products there to your heart’s content. You should be able to access any furniture Ikea sells, and they are sorted by category — though a search feature would be welcome.

Clearing the floor you’re trying to scan helps the app out, if you can. Ikea Place also runs best on the iPhone 6s or newer models; those with older phones might have some issues getting things to work perfectly.

This app has its limits, of course. While you may have fun moving digital furniture around your living room or seeing if you actually could fit a new table in that weird corner, this is not something you’re likely to do every day. Practically speaking, this app is not that useful unless you’re actively decorating or dreaming of new decor. But it’s an interesting glimpse into the way augmented reality can be useful, as Apple starts experimenting with this new technology, plus a good way to get a better sense of your own space.

Free, for iOS devices.

— Hayley Tsukayama


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