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Members of the Chatham/Harwich Woodworkers Group (Newcomers & CONCH) designed and crafted a cabinet for the The Family Pantry of Cape Cod to display some of the awards presented to them over the past twenty-five years of service. The Pantry is so appreciative of such a fine piece made by these fine craftsmen.

There are over seven hundred members in the Chatham/Harwich Newcomers club. Sixty of these members are also in the Woodworkers Group. They have donated over 714 man hours to projects for non profits on Cape Cod. They have crafted tutoring tables for Chatham Elementary School, an outdoor sign for the Chase Library, a library check-in table for the Chatham Council on Aging and a display case for the Marconi Museum just to name a few of the twenty-five pieces they have crafted since 2007.

They make pieces for non profits and encourage projects to come forward. Project criteria are that the piece be constructed primarily of wood and must not be available for purchase in the marketplace. Eligibility requirements are that they have to be a non profit or government entity. Clients shall provide the need and description for the project, review and approve the design and provide reimbursement for material expenses. Woodworkers shall provide consultation and project design, provide materials, tools and labor for project fabrication. The project must be capable of being fabricated in a shop remote from final installation. (The do not paint).

Interested groups should contact Chairman Steve Patzman at [email protected]


Full Photo Caption: Chatham/Harwich Woodworkers Group – Back Row – left to right Rich Clifford, Tom Breen, Paul Semple, Joe Linehan, Warren Chane, Franko Previd, Andy Bayerl, Peter Krug, Charlie Curtis, Steve Patzman, front row – Jim Meehan, Bob Braman, Ray Sacramone and Jay Kennedy. Not pictured – Jay Arthur, John Kotcher, Peter Krug, Bob Labrecque, Peter Lofgren, Jack McDowell, Jonis Robinson, Len Short, Rich Siegel, Bob Streiner and George Vermilyea.


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