Bluecorn Beeswax 100% Pure Raw Beeswax Pillar: 2″x 3″

  • List Price: $9.50
  • Sale Price: $9.50


  • 100% Pure Beeswax
  • Paraffin-free & lead-free. Non-toxic & Hypoallergenic
  • Ridiculously long burn timesTM
  • Beeswax emits negative ions which cleanse the air
  • Handcrafted in Ridgway, CO since 1991.

Product Description

We do not know of any candles more sensuous to hold, smell or burn than these. Many beeswax pillars have difficulty burning because the particulate in beeswax clogs the wick, resulting in a weak flame and tunneling. Our pillars burn perfectly because we use lightly filtered beeswax. Light filtration takes out the right amount of particulate but keeps the sweet honey scent.

Product Detail

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